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Corvette Custom Embroidered Underhood Insulators 

*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*

Application: Corvette C7, C6 and C5 Convertible and Hardtop



CAR Motorsports Under Hood Insulators are designed for factory (unmodified) vehicles. If your car has chromed engine parts, your insulator could be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. Scientific experiments utilizing mirrors and geometric and mathematical principles have confirmed that sunlight can be refracted and reflected to produce intense heat of 450 to 750 degrees Farenheit, and in some cases up to 1100 degrees Farenheit. Our product withstands temperatures in excess of 300 degrees, but temperatures above this will damage our insulator product by scoring it with heat marks. The results may not be nearly as dramatic or entertaining as the story of Archimedes, but his basic principles are confirmed. High polished aluminum and chrome, which are highly reflective surfaces, can achieve the same results as mirrors. Depending on the part chromed and its angles, the reflected light is also being refracted (bent) with the combination producing greater temperatures that reflected light only.

We are not responsible for any heat/light damage resulting from the installation of this product on a car with chrome or high polished aluminum engine parts.

*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*


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