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Custom Embroidered Underhood Insulators 

*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*

The CAR Motorsports Custom Embroidered Underhood Insulator is made using the original OEM insulator to ensure a PERFECT and CORRECT pattern and fit.

We feature German Madera Thread in all our LOGO Embroidery Work. The exactness and quality of our digitization is unparalleled, always producing a superior embroidered appearance.

Our insulator is purposefully engineered, designed, and constructed to be BETTER than the original insulator. As those familiar with those insulators know, they are made of a material that is very much like roll insulation, only slightly more rigid. THEY are VERY FRAGILE and DO NOT LAST. In fact, those insulators have a tendency to disintegrate and come apart VERY EARLY and VERY EASILY. We use a special glue designed to operate at and withstand EXTREME HEAT. It is a special order glue specifically designed for this purpose.

Whenever possible, CAR Motorsports utilizes a flat, lightweight and more rigid board material that is TOTALLY WATER RESISTANT, FLAME RETARDANT, and withstands intense HEAT. This board material allows for better adherence of the embroidered material, smoother and cleaner appearance, better fit, no disintegration, and is cleanable using standard degreasers and a water hose.

CAR Motorsports insulator wraping material offers factory thermal protection and is non-flammable and heat resistant to well over 300 degrees. The material we use is heat resistant and non-flammable (BUT IT WILL MELT IF IT COMES INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH HOTMETAL, such as a HEADER pipe or intake manifold. This material is resistant to all automotive fluids and can be easily cleaned with standard degreasers and water.

Installation is a snap...NO DIFFERENT than installing an original insulator. In fact, we include a complete set of new pop in clips to safely and securely fasten the insulator to your hood. These clips are FAR SUPERIOR to the original OEM clips. Simply press our clips into the original OEM mounting positions, and you have an outstandingly secure Custom Embroidered Underhood Insulator. We also offer the option of securing your embroidered insulator utililizing provided Industrial Strength Velcro. This option is for those customers that prefer a completely smooth embroidered insulator.

Unlike the original factory insulators which are fragile and deteriorate quickly, our insulator is DESIGNED TO LAST. Please contact us if you have any questions.

 Features include:

• Lightweight, waterproof and flame retardant insulator board material (where applicable).
• OEM approved material that is resistant to most chemicals and all automotive fluids. The material has high non-flammability and heat resistant features with a temperature rating of well over 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Precision cut to exactly duplicate the factory insulator pattern including all pre-drilled mounting holes, cutouts (for ram air equipment, vents, and lights), and notches to ensure a PERFECT fit.
• Special extreme heat resistant glue is used to ensure adhesion of embroidered material to the insulation board and remain unaffected from exposure to engine heat.
• New high performance superior quality fastening (mounting) tabs are included to ensure that the hood insulator is securely fastened and stays in place.
• LARGE, exceptional quality embroidery utilizing imported German threads for maximum durability, color, and heat resistance to over 300 degrees.
• Embroidery matches all of our other embroidered products for a seamless, integrated appearance. No mismatched embroidery or logos.
Logos may be custom ordered in any color combination.

When you buy a CAR Motorsports product, you can be confident that it represents the best engineered and highest quality product of its type.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.


For newer cars we buy a new OEM insulator and wrap it with our high temp embroidered fabric. For older cars we have templates for certain models (Trans Am, Firebird, Monte Carlo, Impala SS, Grand National etc.) that we make out of our flat high temp 1/8" thick board material and then wrap it with our high temp embroidered fabric. For older cars not shown, if your hood is flat and you can send us a template out of butcher paper or the like, we may be able to make one. Another option is our kit version where we supply the embroidered fabric, can of high temp glue and clips and you wrap your exsisting insulator if it is in a reasonable condition.

We do not do any moulding work typical for newer car insulators.


CAR Motorsports Under Hood Insulators are designed for factory (unmodified) vehicles. If your car has chromed engine parts, your insulator could be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun. Scientific experiments utilizing mirrors and geometric and mathematical principles have confirmed that sunlight can be refracted and reflected to produce intense heat of 450 to 750 degrees Farenheit, and in some cases up to 1100 degrees Farenheit. Our product withstands temperatures in excess of 300 degrees, but temperatures above this will damage our insulator product by scoring it with heat marks. The results may not be nearly as dramatic or entertaining as the story of Archimedes, but his basic principles are confirmed. High polished aluminum and chrome, which are highly reflective surfaces, can achieve the same results as mirrors. Depending on the part chromed and its angles, the reflected light is also being refracted (bent) with the combination producing greater temperatures that reflected light only.

We are not responsible for any heat/light damage resulting from the installation of this product on a car with chrome or high polished aluminum engine parts.

Monte Carlo Underhood Insulators

*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*


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