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The Atlanta Camaro and Firebird Association is a family oriented club based out of Jonesboro, Georgia. They meet on the second Saturday of every month at 1:00pm at Terry Cullen Chevrolet. All years of Camaro and Firebird are welcome! This club participates in local and national events.

Buick - A very large, free use bulletin board dedicated to topics involving V8 powered Buicks.  Although most of the discussions relate to the GS and Skylark models, there is also a considerable amount of discussions involving Wildcat, Le Sabre, Electra, Sport Wagon, and Riviera models.  Forums cover every topic that can be covered.  This is the best Buick V8 site on the Internet. - Official website of the Buick Performance Group.  The BPG is a Buick specific club that serves all Buick owners, but is particularly geared to the performance models, such as the Grand National, GS, GSX, Stage 1, T-Type, Wildcat, Skylark, and other 350 and 455 powered models.  The BPG offers an excellent newsletter with color front and back pages that feature numerous cars.  The articles are interesting and informative.  The BPG is a member driven (board of directors and officers are elected) club that has and promotes ”we are family” environment. - Official website of the Buick Gran Sport Club of America.  This is a large club strictly dedicated to the Buick Muscle Cars, e.g., Grand National, T-Type, and GS Skylarks.  Membership includes a newsletter with lots of helpful information, as well as other interesting articles on various topics.  The GSCA hosts a National Event at the Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky each year.  The event offers a LOT of racing, a LARGE car show, and MANY vendors of Buick parts and accessories. - A very large, free use bulletin board dedicated to the turbocharged Buick Grand Nationals/T-Types and the Turbo Trans Am.  This board has well in excess of 7,000 registered users.  The numerous forums cover every conceivable topic involving a Turbo Buick or Turbo Trans Am.  This is certainly the largest and best turbo Buick related board on the Internet. - This is perhaps the most comprehensive free use Turbo Buick website on the Internet.  This site offers extensive information on the Grand National and its siblings.  Articles can be found on everything from “guide to buying a turbo Buick” to “Rebuilding the motor or transmission.”  Lots of pictures and helpful figures are featured with each article.  The site also contains lots of historical information, factory specs, part numbers and illustrations, and much, much, more.  There also is offered a mailing list and a parts and car trader for buyers and sellers. - A fairly new but fast growing website dedicated to the Supercharged Regal GS cars.  This is definitely one to watch and see where it goes.  This site features a bulletin board and link information and pictures. 


Chevy - This is the premier site on the Internet for 83 to 88 SS Monte Carlos.  This site features extensive pictures and articles about these cars.  This site also features a free use bulletin board for those with technical questions or looking to buy or sell cars or parts.  Helpful articles can be found on wide variety of topics related to these cars.  The board has the best moderators who do a great job of overseeing the posting without being overly interfering.  A truly great board that should be on every SS Monte Carlo owners list of favorites. - Official website of the National Monte Carlo Owners Association.  This is a large national club dedicated to the Chevrolet Monte Carlo. - This website contains a comprehensive listing of links to various clubs and websites dedicated to the Chevrolet Chevelle and El Camino.  Extensive listings broken into various categories.


Oldsmobile - A great site dedicated primarily to the various year model Cutlass and 442 cars.  This site covers the early cars from 65 to 72 up to the later models from 82-87.  Users will find lots of helpful technical information, data and factory specifications on these cars.  Classified ad section available to users to buy and sell cars and parts. - Official website of the National Oldsmobile Club of America.  This club offers a National event each year in a different location. A bulletin board and helpful information also can be found on this website. - This is the official website of the National Hurst/Olds Club.  This club specializes in the various year model Hurst-Olds cars.  Lots of interesting and helpful information on this website about these rare cars. - This website is dedicated to the 1964 – 1972 Oldsmobile A body cars.  This website contains a collection of technical data, pictures, factory information, and restoration tips on these cars.


Pontiac - A free use website dedicated specifically to the GTA Trans Am.  This site features a lot of helpful information and data, including technical articles and reviews of various Trans Am related events.  The site also features a bulletin board for posting questions and buying/selling parts and cars. - A free use and very large (over 13,000 registered users) website dedicated to the Grand Prix, including the high performance supercharged versions.  The website contains a lot of useful information for the Grand Prix owner including parts information (numbers, sources, diagrams, etc.) and bulletin board. - Perhaps the largest and most diverse Pontiac website on the Internet.  This site covers the classic Firebird, Grand Am, Grand Prix, GTO (Judge and non-Judge) cars. - A large f-body website with information on all generation F body cars. This site offers F-body related links and helpful technical information, pictures and restoration tips. - The official website of the National Firebird and Trans Am club of America.  This club specializes in the Firebird and Trans Am cars.  This site contains helpful information, pictures, events, links and much more. - Official website of the National Trans Am and Firebird event held in Dayton, Ohio.  This is a very large and growing event with approximately 500 plus cars attending in 2002.  A definite must for the Trans Am/Firebird owner and aficionado. 


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