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New Clear Vinyl 'Protect-A-Mats' (tm)


*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*
Protect your nice, expensive mats from changing weather conditions, dirt, mud, grass or other potential element damage with these heavy duty custom fit clear vinyl mats. These mats are cut using the exact same pattern as our carpeted floor mats, which are custom designed to fit to YOUR SPECIFIC CAR. This means that our vinyl protect-a-mats will perfectly cover fit your CAR Motorsport custom carpeted mats in shape, size and dimension and will also fit your car perfectly. There will be no worries about lack of coverage or excess coverage from having to buy generic vinyl mats. 

Protect-A-MAT Features Include:
FULL CUSTOM DESIGN - This ensures a perfect fit for your car.
FIVE 1/4" NIBS PER SQUARE INCH - Prevents mats from sliding.
HEAVY GUAGE VINYL CONTRUCTION - Mats will not crack, curl or harden in hot or 
cold weather ensuring ALL SEASON protection from Sand, Mud, Snow, Dirt, Grass, etc.
CLEAR DESIGN - Allows you to see your high quality CAR Motorsports custom 
embroidered mats.
EASY CLEANUP - Vinyl construction means dump and rinse cleanup.
Protect-A-Mats for a Cadillac Escalade - Front Seat Driver, Passenger and Cargo mats shown
Protect-A-Mats for a Cadillac STS - Front and Rear Driver and Passenger Sides shown
Protect-A-Mats for a Corvette C5- Front Seat Driver and Passenger Sides shown


1 Piece Front Overall $ 55.00

2 Piece Front $ 45.00

1 Piece Rear Overall $ 45.00

2 Piece Rear $ 25.00

3 Piece Set (2pc Front + 1pc Rear Overall) $ 80.00

4 Piece Set (2pc Front + 2pc Rear) $ 65.00

4 Piece Set (2pc Front + 1pc 2nd Row + 1pc 3rd Row) $120.00

5 Piece Set (Mini Vans Includes Cargo) $150.00

5 Piece Set (2pc Front + 2pc Rear + Cargo) $150.00

6 Piece Set (15 Passenger Van) $165.00

Cargo Mat $ 65.00 



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