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New Rubber Weather Floor Mats

*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*

CAR Motorsports is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our premium quality rubber winter weather mats. These mats represent a significant improvement in Winter Weather Mat technology and construction.  Our mats feature a DEEP octagon (Honey-Comb) shaped pattern that traps and holds water, snow, ice, dirt, mud, etc. As one octagon fills up, material flows to and fills the next adjacent octagon.  The mats are a flexible enough to lay flat and conform to the shape of your floor pan, but made of a durable rubber material strong enough so that we could back them with a LIFETIME warranty.  Our Winter Mat patterns are COMPLETELY customized for your car (Over 4200 Patterns available) and are exactly the same pattern as our premium embroidered custom carpeted floor mats.  This is demonstrated by the pictures showing the rubber mat for a 2004 GTO laying on top of the carpeted GTO mat. 

Full features are as follows:

Over 4200 FULLY customized Car, Truck and SUV patterns available
Deep honey-comb pattern for LARGE liquid/mud/dirt holding capacity
Flexible Rubber material for conformance to your floor pan and better FIT
NON-Slip Rubber Nib Backing
Material will not Fade or Crack
Protects carpet from all elements, such as water, snow, dirt, mud, etc.
Honey-Comb pattern holds elements in place during driving
EASY to clean.  Just hose them off or wash with soap/water.
GTO Rubber Weather Mats shown


4 Piece Set
  $  99.95 (BEST VALUE)
2 Piece Front Set
  $  59.95
2 Piece Rear Set
$  49.95
1 Piece Rear Overall
$  59.95
2 Piece Front, 1 Piece Rear Overall
2 Piece Front, 1 Piece 2nd,1 Piece 3rd Row
1 Piece Cargo Mat Small (Trans Am, etc.)
  $  89.95
1 Piece Cargo Mat Med. (GTO, etc.)
  $  99.95
1 Piece Cargo Mat Large (SUV, CTS, STS, etc.)
SUV 4 Piece set with Cargo Mat - Medium
SUV 4 Piece set with Cargo Mat - Large
Due to Weight (these mats are HEAVY), shipping is:
for 4 piece sets
  $ 19.95
for 4 piece sets and a trunk mat
  $ 24.95
for all SUV and VAN Orders
  $ 29.95
*FOR PHONE PURCHASES CALL: 1-770-719-2068*

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